What does "Making your Car better" mean to you?

Car, bus, lorry, van, locomotive, aeroplane, generator, …………………

Is it:

Better road holding?

Less tyre wear?

Better braking?

Longer lasting brake pads?

Cleaner exhaust?

Less frequent oil changes?

Dramatically reduced maintenance costs?

An "at home" feeling?

Being more alert whilst driving?

Better quality sound from your hi-fi?


If it's any of these, you're on the right website.

Hey! You might even save some fuel costs as well!

We know that it's hard to believe that all this can be done with just one device (shucks, I didn't believe myself when our technical department gave me the first one back in the Spring of 2005 - Karma Singh, Managing Director) so we give you this cast iron guarantee which lets you test it yourself for up to six months! The device itself is guaranteed to function for at least 5 years (and, according to our technical department, could easily last for 20 years and more) so, as you get a new vehicle, you can transfer the device as well.

Just look at these:-

Just how many miles do you think that this front tyre has been driven?
(click on the photo to see large format)


Have a guess and then run your mouse over this link to find out.

How about these brake pads.

Guess now and then run your mouse over here to see the answer.

I actually had these changed because I wanted to see the wear - not even 50% worn!

The oil, I've changed once after 29,000 miles. 35,000 miles later, it's still good!

The manufacturer's recommendation is every 12,000 miles!

Experience over the last 3 ½ years shows that, whilst many vehicles will show a dramatic improvement literally overnight, some will require such a thorough re-ordering of their information structures that 5 weeks could easily go by before you get in your car one morning and you look around you in astonishment because it's no longer the car you knew. We've never known this to take longer than two months so, with your six month right of return, you've got plenty of leeway to amaze yourself and your friends.

So, what is this device?

Well, there are two, actually:-

For cars, pick-ups, light vans (up to 3 ½ tons), and home size generators it's the
Harmony Super Charger

And now to road safety - the reason for our Autumn/Winter special offer


(sorry about that, Australasia - but you can be safer in the Summer as well!)

What are the principle causes of road "accidents"?
(Please don't be misled by the propaganda about speed - this is purely an, often illegal, tax - a few moments cogent thought will show you that this cannot be true).

1)     Inattentiveness/confusion on the part of the driver.

2)     Poor road holding.

3)     Inadequate/unbalanced braking.

4)     Poor maintenance.

Now, you may wish to add weather, tiredness, alcohol, poor road surfaces and a few other things but are these not already covered in this simple list?

If you've studied the Harmony Technology pages, you will have seen that the devices are, unlike mankind's technology to date, NOT application specific, i.e. the Harmony Super Charger and the Harmony Evolution (which would be worn upon your body) are not structurally different, only the size of the processor differs. The driver of a road vehicle is a very important part of the vehicle operating system! Sitting in your vehicle, you get much better quality information from the road around you because the Harmony Super Charger is, effectively, deleting confusing information such as electro smog. Added to this, your ability to process the information which you are receiving naturally becomes more coherent and your ability to make appropriate decisions is, thereby, enhanced. This is the prime reason why almost all Harmony Super Charger users comment that their vehicle "feels safer". The truth is that it is safer because you are getting better quality information which you can process better; the vehicle really IS safer also because you are doing your job of controlling it better!

The simple facts are that the Harmony Super Charger and the Harmony CVH have, over three Winters, conclusively demonstrated that they make very significant improvements to road holding, even on ice and snow, braking - both in direction and distance - and, by providing the driver with better quality information and eliminating all confusing and exhausting electro smog, making the driver both more relaxed and more attentive.

The Harmony devices reduce wear and tear and increase the working life of the entire vehicle. The first "Harmonised" vehicle - a Ford Escort achieved 350,000 miles before the owner's mother got fed up with it and bought him a new one.

By using the links in the right hand column of this webpage, you will be able to see more details of these amazing phenomena. After you have read the tyres and brakes page, you may wish to consider this photo below:-

In November 2007, as both right side tyres on the car were damaged, I had to change all four. See if you can guess how many miles this tyre had actually driven.

Click on the photos for the large images.

Here's the answer

And cause 4 of road accidents? Sorry, proper maintenance is up to you and your mechanic: This one we can't help with.


This is what Charles Schneider from Long Island wrote:

Hello Karma,
I have your Super Charger on 2 of my cars.  One a 2004 Ford Taurus wagon That had 15,435 miles on it when I installed the Super Charger (it was getting average 18.7 MPG locally and 21.2 MPG on highway driving.)  The other car is a 1998 Ford Escort wagon that had 76,455 miles on it when Super Charger was installed.  It was getting 21.8 MPG average locally and 24.2MPG on highway driving. 
The Taurus now has 22,456 miles on it and it now averages 21.3 MPG local and 24.1 highway.  
The Escort now has 82,689 miles on it and it now averages 24.3 MPG local and 26.3 highway.
I use Regular gasoline in both cars. 
Charles Schneider
New York

And just listen to what Celestine Barnwell from

The Cemaba Foundation in California said



5 minutes and 48 seconds


And from a NASCAR racer:

Hi Karma,
I recently acquired a Harmony Supercharger, and just heard back from a friend (my mechanic and a NASCAR driver) that installed it on his wife's racecar before a race, and without her knowledge. She wound up placing much higher in the race than ever before! She mentioned that the car handled differently, and gripped the track much better. I am going to allow them to keep testing it.

David Shear,


And this is the man himself with his wife's racing car

1 minute and 46 seconds



So, quite apart from the enhanced safety and comfort, what is your cash return on your investment? This table will help you.


Per 80,000 miles

Car "as is" from Manufacturer


With Harmony Super Charger 

 Cash in your pocket


 3 sets

 1 set

 ₤365 upwards


 3 sets

 1 set

 ₤243 upwards


5 changes 

 2 changes

 ₤76 upwards


 18 m.p.g.

 19.8 m.p.g

 ₤1817 upwards


Total cash benefit to you              at least ₤2500.00

This table is based on the assumption of new tyres with fitting costing ₤180.00 per set of four, brake pads with fitting costing ₤120.00 per set of four and 1.3 gallons of oil per oil change at ₤25.00 per change.

Total outlay in our "Safety on the Road Promotion" is just £447.00

Your profit on the expenditure is more than seven times this amount!

₤2053.00 cash in your pocket!


The figures above are for a typical family saloon.


69,994 miles with the Harmony Super Charger

as of 10th June 2007

Just take a look at what happened with my car. I drive a Rover 827 si, frequently at 120 m.p.h. (yes, this is quite legal in Germany). Because of this, I have to use high performance tyres, brakes and oil. At that speed, your m.p.g. also falls quite dramatically.


Normal expectation

Actual with Harmony Super Charger

Actual saving


3 sets

1 set



3 sets

1 set



6 changes

1 change



18.8 m.p.g.

(actual measure at purchase)

3723 Gallons

22.4 m.p.g.

3124 Gallons


(In this table I have used the price of ₤4.31 per gallon for comparison.)

₤4077.69 saved for an outlay of under ₤400.00!!!!


On the 9th of June 2007, I had to hire a van to pick up some furniture a couple of hundred miles away.

I know that this is not a fair test on such a short journey but I drove one way without the Harmony Super Charger and the return journey with.

Although the outward journey was with an empty vehicle and the return full laden so that one would expect a higher fuel consumption, the exact figures are:

Outward 254 miles.  10.12 Gallons = 25.09 m.p.g.

Return 231 miles.   9.07 Gallons = 25.47 m.p.g.

Now, this may not seem amazing to you unless you regularly drive commercial vehicles. However, that the consumption is LOWER for the loaded vehicle than for the empty one is absolutely unheard of; it should be at least 10% higher!

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Happy driving!

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