The Harmony Super Charger FAQs

How long does this work before I have to buy a new one?

Nobody really knows this. It is Guaranteed to function for at least ten years but could, theoretically, still be working in the next century. There is nothing that can wear out or deteriorate significantly. The very first prototype, made in 1989 is still functioning 100% perfectly today (August 2007).

Can I transfer it to other vehicles?

Yes, no problem. The Harmony Super Charger as supplied is self-adhesive but if you fix it with Scotch tape or similar you can easily transfer it to new vehicles as you get them. You could, of course, sell-on a vehicle with a Harmony Super Charger as a high-value added feature and get yourself a brand new one.

What happens if I take the Harmony Super Charger off; will my car regress?

Unfortunately, yes. A machine is not like a living organism whereby one can remove a disturbance and the system will then regenerate itself. A machine has inbuilt problems which the Harmony Super Charger can "iron out" but, as soon as it is removed, the old imbalances will, once again, become dominant. How long this will take will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some can take as much as two weeks to regress. The worst one that we know (and the manufacturer has threatened to sue us if we name them) takes 20 minutes!

How quickly will the improvements be noticeable?

This is going to vary a lot dependent upon how the vehicle has been used: A new or hired vehicle, i.e. one that has not been "taught" a particular driving style will, usually, react very quickly, possibly even after only a few hundred yards. A vehicle which has been in regular use by one driver for some time will change more slowly.

For example: My Rover had two owners before me, a husband and wife team. Although I got some benefits overnight, it took some weeks before everything became balanced. On the other hand, the car which I hired in California in July this year took just 300 yards to stop fishtailing every time that I braked.

How can something just stuck to my steering column improve so much in my car?

Throughout the 20th century, it was believed that the performance of a system was determined by the accuracy of its assembly and the quality of its fuel. It was known that there are energy fields generated by every part of a system but it was believed that these were just extraneous discharges of no importance. Basically, no-one did any serious research on them and so they were simply not understood. Only now is it becoming accepted that the way in which the energy fields of the discrete parts of a system react with each other determines to a very significant extent the operational quality of the entire system. If the individual fields are chaotic and conflict with each other then the whole system will perform much worse than the designers had hoped for. If one corrects the energy flows within these various fields to remove all dissonance then they will become coherent with each other and operate at a much higher level of efficiency. As all these various fields react with each other, it is possible to bring coherent order to the entire system from one strategic point. This is what the Harmony Super Charger does; it "infects" the entire complex of energy structures with harmony. This causes them to work better.

Why must the Harmony Super Charger be on or near my steering wheel?

This is, in the sense of the energy field flows, the point at which the whole vehicle is controlled. This is, therefore, the optimal place to apply the harmonic corrections.

Can the Harmony Super Charger be damaged by magnets, for example?

No, not at all. There are only four things which will damage a Harmony Super Charger:
Cutting it.
Folding it
Setting fire to it.
Dissolving it with solvents such as paint stripper, nail varnish remover, gasoline etc.
To date, no-one has found any other way to damage one.

Can I use the Harmony Super Charger for all vehicles?

The Harmony Super Charger is designed for private cars and small vans. Although it could also be used on a motorcycle, there are problems with weatherproofing and security, i.e. where to put it so that it can't be stolen by a passer by. For larger commercial vehicles, generators, pumps etc., there is a larger Harmony Trucker Chip available.

What would a Harmony Super Charger do to me?

After all, you are also in the vehicle whilst it is being driven.
The information which you are receiving from the road and surroundings will also be subjected to the coherent harmonizing and so reach you in an ordered state. I notice this especially on the Los Angles freeways where the Harmony Super Charger deletes the electro smog and I become much more alert. Similarly, your own energy fields will be harmonised. This combination not only gives you better quality information but also enhances your ability to rapidly and accurately process it. This makes your driving safer.

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